Tales of a Boy from Cane River

Tales of a Boy from Cane River Author Harvis Johnson
ISBN-10 9781532020858
Release 2017-04-13
Pages 224
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I owe my father, Harvis Sr., and my mother, Rita, a debt of gratitude for the values they instilled in me at an early age that carried me through life. My goal is that readers of my stories will have fond memories of their childhood and events throughout their lives. If I am able to put a smile on the readers face as they recall their own past lives, I will have succeeded in this project. I also want to thank my sweet wife, Ginny, for encouraging and supporting me throughout this journey.

Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Flu

Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Flu  Author Norman Maclean
ISBN-10 9783105609576
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 194
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Die packende Geschichte zweier ungleicher Brüder, die sich trotzdem nahestehen. Ort: der Westen von Montana; die Zeit: Sommer 1937. Die Brüder treffen sich zum Fliegenfischen und verleben einige glückliche Tage. Der Ausflug nimmt jedoch ein tragisches Ende, als einer der Brüder erschlagen aufgefunden wird. Der Roman von Norman Maclean wurde überaus erfolgreich von Robert Redford verfilmt. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)


Genreflecting Author Cynthia Orr
ISBN-10 9781610694612
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 622
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The gold standard for readers' advisory, this book represents an essential resource for LIS students and practicing librarians who want to better understand readers, reading interests, and fiction and nonfiction genres.

The Soldiers and Sailors Half dime Tales of the Late Rebellion

The Soldiers  and Sailors  Half dime Tales of the Late Rebellion Author
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101059779460
Release 1868
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The Soldiers and Sailors Half dime Tales of the Late Rebellion has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Soldiers and Sailors Half dime Tales of the Late Rebellion also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Soldiers and Sailors Half dime Tales of the Late Rebellion book for free.


Boy Author Roald Dahl
ISBN-10 3499156938
Release 1986-01
Pages 200
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Boy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Boy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Boy book for free.

Cadaver River

Cadaver River Author R. Steven Page
ISBN-10 9781461101925
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 162
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Scarred by a tragic childhood accident, beautiful Creole zoologist Dr. Marie LaCour throws her energies into running her Crocodile Habitat in the bucolic community of Cane River, Louisiana. But the mutilated bodies piling up throw a wrench into her plans, as frightened residents naturally finger her large toothy reptiles as the culprit. With the help of heartthrob journalist Grant Metoyer, Marie bypasses the bungled investigation of Lt. Frank Sarpy and does a little snooping of her own. She soon finds that the ghosts of the past can stir restlessly, thrust matted hands through the loam, and come back to haunt... Soon Marie and Grant find themselves targeted by both Sheriff's deputies and a mysterious throwback, a drawing noose that they avoid only by becoming as close as lovers. At the explosive climax, Marie's life is again deeply altered, and she discovers that the harrowing experiences have strengthened her will to live and love again.

Tales of the Undead Suffer Eternal Anthology

Tales of the Undead   Suffer Eternal Anthology Author Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
ISBN-10 9781291353013
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 161
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Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal contains some of the best names in modern horror. Together, we will discover the works of over twenty new and established authors. Steady yourselves, and prepare for unholy terror. It's time to meet the masters of the macabre. Author list Nathan J.D.L. Rowark, Rita Dinis, A.J. Huffman, Nels Hanson, David S. Pointer, Jeremy Rowe, Rishan Singh, David F. Daumit, Gavin Chappell, Omar Zah Zah, Paul Bamborough, Jacqueline Doyle, Changming Yung, Robert Lee Frazier, Benjamin Robinson, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Frank A. Schury, Mel K. F, Constantine Mountrakis, Mathias Jansson, Stephen R. Wilk, Glen Damien Campbell, Mark Slade, Paul J. Rehac, Jennifer Ostromecki, Wol-vriey

Thoughts Tales From A Country Boy

Thoughts   Tales From A Country Boy Author Lawrence Rasberry
ISBN-10 9781312212763
Release 2014-06-19
Pages 154
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A collection of short stories of a country boy growing up on a rural farm in Louisiana with a few personal thoughts along the way.

Cane River Creole National Historical Park

Cane River Creole National Historical Park Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059157829
Release 2004
Pages 188
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Cane River Creole National Historical Park has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cane River Creole National Historical Park also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cane River Creole National Historical Park book for free.

Tales of Turtle River

Tales of Turtle River Author Sherry Williams
ISBN-10 9780595360499
Release 2005-07
Pages 100
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Tales of Turtle River is a collection of stories about the adventures and misadventures of a boy named Fritz in a 1920's seaside town inspired by Jupiter, Florida-a place many have called paradise. As it rose into the sky, there came a shrieking from high above. The osprey dropped the fish, and a magnificent eagle swept down, retrieved it and carried it into the tall pines. The old man remembers the drama of the osprey and the eagle played out many times, long before luxury mansions began to grace the river banks. When there was only one school in the town, when pine forests and mangrove swamps stood where houses now sit, there were owls, foxes, and wildcats, and swarms of mosquitoes so thick you could cut them with a stick. Step back into time and follow Fritz when he carries his pet rooster across town on the handlebars of his bicycle. Follow him into the wilderness that surrounds his home, and into the supernatural, and into the hearts and lives of the people of the town.

Tales of a River Rat

Tales of a River Rat Author Kenny Salwey
ISBN-10 9781938486760
Release 2016-12-14
Pages 256
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In Tales of a River Rat, famed storyteller and self-described hermit Kenny Salwey informs and entertains readers as he weaves his life story on the Mississippi River. Salwey knows the river ecosystem with an intimacy unavailable to most. Here he shares his love of and knowledge about the mighty river in an accessible manner sure to appeal to all ages.

Forgotten Tales of Florida

Forgotten Tales of Florida Author Bob Patterson
ISBN-10 9781625842657
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 128
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With such a rich and significant history, it’s only natural that some of the best stories from the Sunshine State have been forgotten over time. Thankfully, master storyteller and St. Augustine resident Bob Patterson offers this collection of the strangest, most fascinating stories and legends in Florida’s history from coast to coast, swamp to swamp. Enjoy the saga of William Ellis, a North Florida nature whisperer who escaped from his nursing home with the help of his varmint friends; step into the murk and mystery of the vanishing tribes of the Everglades; and could there really be gator-hungry sharks lurking in the St. John’s River? These stories and so many more await when you explore the Forgotten Tales of Florida.

The Souls of Mixed Folk

The Souls of Mixed Folk Author Michele Elam
ISBN-10 9780804756303
Release 2011-02-21
Pages 277
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The Souls of Mixed Folk examines representations of mixed race in literature and the arts that redefine new millennial aesthetics and politics. Focusing on black-white mixes, Elam analyzes expressive works—novels, drama, graphic narrative, late-night television, art installations—as artistic rejoinders to the perception that post-Civil Rights politics are bereft and post-Black art is apolitical. Reorienting attention to the cultural invention of mixed race from the social sciences to the humanities, Elam considers the creative work of Lezley Saar, Aaron McGruder, Nate Creekmore, Danzy Senna, Colson Whitehead, Emily Raboteau, Carl Hancock Rux, and Dave Chappelle. All these writers and artists address mixed race as both an aesthetic challenge and a social concern, and together, they gesture toward a poetics of social justice for the "mulatto millennium." The Souls of Mixed Folk seeks a middle way between competing hagiographic and apocalyptic impulses in mixed race scholarship, between those who proselytize mixed race as the great hallelujah to the "race problem" and those who can only hear the alarmist bells of civil rights destruction. Both approaches can obscure some of the more critically astute engagements with new millennial iterations of mixed race by the multi-generic cohort of contemporary writers, artists, and performers discussed in this book. The Souls of Mixed Folk offers case studies of their creative work in an effort to expand the contemporary idiom about mixed race in the so-called post-race moment, asking how might new millennial expressive forms suggest an aesthetics of mixed race? And how might such an aesthetics productively reimagine the relations between race, art, and social equity in the twenty-first century?

Der Junge der aus dem Himmel zur ckkehrte

Der Junge  der aus dem Himmel zur  ckkehrte Author Kevin und Alex Malarkey
ISBN-10 9783641131135
Release 2013-11-04
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Kevin Malarkey quälen schreckliche Vorwürfe: "Ich habe meinen Sohn getötet" Am 14. November 2004 gerät er mit seinem Auto in einen schweren Unfall. Während er relativ unbeschadet überlebt, liegt sein sechsjähriger Sohn Alex im Koma. "Ich glaube, Alex ist jetzt bei Jesus", meint ein Freund. Was eher so dahingesagt war, stellt sich tatsächlich als wahr heraus, als Alex wieder aufwacht. Sein Bericht von himmlischen Begegnungen mit Gott und den Engeln hat bereits tausende Menschen berührt. "Gott ist erstaunlich, ich bin nur ein Kind", sagt er. Doch er möchte weitergeben: Der Himmel ist real. Ein zutiefst aufwühlendes Buch, das die Sicht auf das Leben und den Tod tiefgreifend verändern kann.

Escape from Java and other Tales of Danger

Escape from Java and other Tales of Danger Author Ruskin Bond
ISBN-10 9788184752878
Release 2015-02-06
Pages 184
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Join intrepid heroes and dauntless heroines in their quest for survival against earthquakes, fire, floods and bombs! Live life on the edge with five stories of danger and adventure. Flee with Romi as he rides his cycle straight into the river to get away from a fearsome forest fire; listen in to Ruth’s hair-raising story of escape from rioting sepoys during the uprising of 1857; read about the author’s miraculous flight from Java as Japanese planes bombard the city; witness the havoc wreaked by the deadliest earthquake ever in Rakesh’s town, Shillong; and watch Sita combat a fatal flood. Written in Ruskin Bond’s inimitable style, with doses of humour and excitement, these extraordinary stories are simply unputdownable.

Winesburg Ohio

Winesburg  Ohio Author Sherwood Anderson
ISBN-10 9783641080747
Release 2012-02-06
Pages 304
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Klassiker der US-Moderne Mit «Winesburg, Ohio» revolutionierte Sherwood Anderson die moderne amerikanische Short Story. Lakonischer war das Leben seiner Landsleute nie erzählt worden. In der vorliegenden Neuübersetzung, der ersten seit über 50 Jahren, lässt sich dieser wegweisende US-Klassiker nun endlich wiederentdecken. Wing Biddlebaum verlor durch ein fatales Missverständnis seine Stelle als Lehrer und mit ihr seine Seelenruhe. Alice Hindman wartet auch elf Jahre nach deren Verschwinden noch verzweifelt auf die Rückkehr ihrer Jugendliebe. Der Arzt Mr Reefy schreibt seit dem Tod seiner Frau Gedankensplitter auf kleine Zettel – und wirft sie weg. Selbst die Existenz des jungen Lokalreporters George Willard, der neugierig all diese Schicksale sammelt, ist nicht frei von tragischen Verstrickungen. Schrullige, einsame Charaktere bevölkern das Städtchen Winesburg in Ohio, einen Ort auf der literarischen Landkarte, dem Autoren bis heute ihre Reverenz erweisen.

Tales of the Samurai

Tales of the Samurai Author James S. de Benneville
ISBN-10 9780486162225
Release 2012-08-30
Pages 512
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A young lord undertakes the restoration of his family's fortunes and honor in this gripping retelling of a 15th-century Japanese epic. Gripping and evocative, this excellent translation recounts rebellions, plots, and battles.