Spilled Words

Spilled Words Author CICI B
ISBN-10 0995003939
Release 2016-12-03
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In Spilled Words, the newest addition to Cici. B's growing list of raw and profound written works, she delivers a filterless snapshot of her love, pain, growth and resolve. Her trademark wittiness seamlessly blends with a familiar approach yet entirely new format to her writing. It is a story unlike any other in that it is made up entirely of quotes, but still somehow paints a beautiful and complete picture. If actions speak louder than words, her latest piece shows that she not only lives and breathes her words, she bleeds them, and spills them unapologetically onto the page.

Letters to My Ex

Letters to My Ex Author CICI B
ISBN-10 0995003947
Release 2016-02-29
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Cici. B's debut novel, Letters To My Ex, is a collection of letters written to a past love over a three year period of time that was never sent to him---but they are far from your typical love letters. If you are looking for a politically correct story, one with words that float on sugar-coated clouds as the sun sets, this story isn't for you. Heartbroken and confused, Cici. B pours her unfiltered emotions onto the pages. This isn't a "light read" or a "how to guide." It is raw, vulnerable and vivid. These letters tell the story of a woman who gave her all to a man, was broken, her journey of discovery, and self-healing. This novel is for all of the women who have given their everything to the wrong man, because sometimes, just knowing that someone has experienced and survived the same pain as you, can make all the difference in the world.

Girl Power

Girl Power Author Cici B
ISBN-10 0995003963
Release 2017-11-23
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Last year, Cici.B delivered Spilled Words: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection. A filterless snapshot of her love, pain, growth and resolve. A story unlike any other in that it is made up entirely of quotes, but somehow paints a beautiful and complete picture. This year, and by popular demand, she brings to you Girl Power: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection ll. A book that will undoubtedly remind every girl, every woman of the power they hold within. Other books by Cici.B, include: Letters To My Ex, Blush, Lost And Found: The Book of Short Stories, and 12:02AM: Exploring B.


Blush Author CICI B
ISBN-10 0995003912
Release 2016-08-10
Pages 148
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Cici. B is known for her amazing ability to make readers feel like they are walking beside her with every page that they turn, and this book is another testament to that. Fresh out of an intense break-up, and with her three closest friends by her side, Cici brings you with her as she learns what it means to take back control of her life, and to be her own woman. Completely raw and unfiltered, as always, she doesn't hold back. This is a story for the modern day grown woman. It will make you smile, laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your bottom lip, and most importantly... Blush.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Author Cici B
ISBN-10 0995003920
Release 2016-10-14
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Every so often, we come across a unique author with the special ability to make us relate on a personal level, teach us life lessons, and entertain us with their perspectives and stories. That author is Cici. B. Known very well for her previous two books, "Letters To My Ex" and "Blush," her latest offering, Lost And Found, a collection of short stories and quotes, seamlessly merges light and funny with deeply emotional and thought provoking. Each story and quote unlike the last, Cici. B leaves herself exposed and vulnerable all the while challenging her readers to think and feel. Girls and women alike, from all walks of life, will find meaning in her words. It's been said that not all who wander are lost. But all who are Lost can be Found...


12 Author Cici B
ISBN-10 0995003955
Release 2017-04-18
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In 12:02AM: Exploring B, Cici. B sensually opens herself up to her audience in a way she never previously has. She leaves no stone unturned as she creatively, methodically and erotically welcomes her readers into a world of pleasure, desire and sexuality. In this book, her wants, needs and perspective on sex and intimacy are revealed for all to see. 12:02AM artfully and seductively depicts what can happen just a couple of minutes after the clock strikes twelve.

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase Author Terri Thayer
ISBN-10 9780738717876
Release 2010-09-08
Pages 312
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A computer techie by trade, Dewey Pellicano would rather swallow needles than be pinned down to a life of quilting. But when her mother passes away, Dewey must exchange code for calico as the new proprietress of Quilter Paradiso. Between learning the business and dealing with a conniving employee who is also her sister-in-law, Dewey is ready to snap. During a national quilt show, quilting celebrity Claire Armstrong offers to buy the shop. But before Dewey can accept, she finds the famous quilter lying dead on the floor—a bloody rotary cutter at her side. When hunky homicide detective Buster Healy enters the scene, romance flourishes... until another murder takes place. Can Dewey thread together the pieces to this murderous pattern before the killer strikes again? Wild Goose Chase is the first book in the Quilting Mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Dewey Pellicano.

How Great Women Lead

How Great Women Lead Author Bonnie St. John
ISBN-10 9781455505906
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 352
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In boardrooms and lecture halls, on the field and at home, strong female leaders are making a statement around the globe. In HOW GREAT WOMEN LEAD Bonnie St. John and her teenage daughter, Darcy Deane, explore the qualities that motivate some of the world's most powerful women. Through engaging, out-of-the-spotlight interchanges, the authors discover commonly held values, behaviors, and attitudes, as well as the subtle, special skills inherent in female leaders. From the ethics of Dr. Condoleeza Rice to the fortitude of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the enthusiasm of Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp and the discipline of Geena Davis, each woman in this book shares the exciting story of her rise to the top and the unique qualities it took to get there.

Molecular Quantum Mechanics

Molecular Quantum Mechanics Author Peter W. Atkins
ISBN-10 9780199541423
Release 2011
Pages 537
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This text unravels those fundamental physical principles which explain how all matter behaves. It takes us from the foundations of quantum mechanics, through quantum models of atomic, molecular, and electronic structure, and on to discussions of spectroscopy, and the electronic and magnetic properties of molecules.

The Mistakes of a Woman

The Mistakes of a Woman Author M. Sosa
ISBN-10 0995153337
Release 2017-05-07
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The Mistakes Of A Woman will empower you, will make you cry, will make you reminisce on painful memories, and will also show you where you might have gone wrong in your previous relationship, but it will also teach you a valuable lesson of self-love. This book will give you different scenarios of mistakes we make as women during relationships, dating, letting go, and even going back to the arms of the person that keeps breaking our hearts. If you are not able to accept and face your mistakes, this book isn't for you. This book will leave you with many "aha moments" and very important lessons.

A Book I ll Never Write

A Book I ll Never Write Author Devon Eaton
ISBN-10 9781329444720
Release 2015-08-06
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"A Book I'll Never Write" is an anthology of collected poems from writer Devon Eaton. It is his first published book. The included poems span a wide range of subjects and themes, covering such topics as love, abuse, suicide, poverty, and many many others.

Sex and the Single Vamp

Sex and the Single Vamp Author Robin Covington
ISBN-10 9781622664856
Release 2014-03-24
Pages 200
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Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin Covington Cici Trent, vampire and media darling, spends her days finding true love for humans and supernaturals (the "Others") at her dating agency. But someone is trying to sabotage her business and she needs help. Unfortunately, the best man for the job is the one who broke her still-beating heart two hundred fifty-four years ago. ?Deacon is a patient vampire. He's only loved one woman in over three hundred years- CiCi- and she chose another. So when she shows up in his office asking for help, he finally has the chance to lay that demon to rest. He'll help her, but for a price-a night in his bed. ?Adrenaline, mischief, and a little late-night B&E light the passion that even a couple of lifetimes couldn't put out. But Deacon has a secret and when Cici is suddenly mortal, his deception might be the only way restore her immortality. Can love bridge the gap between a heartbeat and forever?

Managing Organizational Change A Multiple Perspectives Approach

Managing Organizational Change  A Multiple Perspectives Approach Author Ian Palmer
ISBN-10 9780077470357
Release 2016-02-05
Pages 464
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Managing Organizational Change A Multiple Perspectives Approach has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Managing Organizational Change A Multiple Perspectives Approach also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Managing Organizational Change A Multiple Perspectives Approach book for free.

Crimson Kiss

Crimson Kiss Author Trisha Baker
ISBN-10 0786014164
Release 2001
Pages 432
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Psychologist Meghann O'Neill specializes in treating abused women and children and is also a vampire, created by a sadistic creature named Simon Baldevar, who has now come back seeking revenge by murdering her patients, but Meghann refuses to play his deadly game and devises a plan of her own to destroy Simon once and for all. Original.

How She Bleeds

How She Bleeds Author Porsha Allen
ISBN-10 0986255645
Release 2017-11-02
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Porsha's explanation

The Name of this Book Is Secret

The Name of this Book Is Secret Author Pseudonymous Bosch
ISBN-10 0316039926
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 384
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Warning: this description has not been authorized by Pseudonymous Bosch. As much as he'd love to sing the praises of his book (he is very vain), he wouldn't want you to hear about his brave 11-year old heroes, Cass and Max-Ernest. Or about how a mysterious box of vials, the Symphony of Smells, sends them on the trail of a magician who has vanished under strange (and stinky) circumstances. And he certainly wouldn't want you to know about the hair-raising adventures that follow and the nefarious villains they face. You see, not only is the name of this book secret, the story inside is, too. For it concerns a secret. A Big Secret.

A Book about You

A Book about You Author Tonio
ISBN-10 0692678646
Release 2016-10-18
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What is it that causes joy and sadness? What is it that can command our minds, as well as our bodies? What can we always remember and yet struggle to forget? It's LOVE and the power that lies within it. Love is a universal force that we experience from birth with our mothers, until the death of a life partner. A Book About You: A Heart's Journey to Love, is a conduit to that special time in your life. It's a journey through your heart that will help you reconnect with those special moments, as well help you find solace and healing when love caused you pain. In only the way love can. Through A Book About You, you can journey along with the author as he explores his encounters with the most important aspect of the human existence. Love. Use his experiences to reexamine your own personal stories of tingly heights, and crippling lows. Reconnect with the one, never forgotten. Mend a connection lost by the hands of fate. Or take that last step to resolution, acceptance, and advancement to the future. This book is about life. About love. About you.