Schaums Outline of Engineering Economics EBOOK

Schaums Outline of Engineering Economics  EBOOK Author Jose Sepulveda
ISBN-10 0070238340
Release 1984-06-22
Pages 184
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Reviews basic economic concepts, including compound interest, equivalence, present worth, rate of return, depreciation, and cost-benefit ratios

Engineering Economic Analysis

Engineering Economic Analysis Author Donald G. Newnan
ISBN-10 0195171497
Release 2004
Pages 598
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Engineering Economic Analysis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Engineering Economic Analysis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Engineering Economic Analysis book for free.

Project Engineering

Project Engineering Author Frederick Plummer
ISBN-10 0080546218
Release 2011-04-08
Pages 240
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For newly hired young engineers assigned to their first real 'project', there has been little to offer in the way of advice on 'where to begin', 'what to look out for and avoid', and 'how to get the job done right'. This book gives this advice from an author with long experience as senior engineer in government and industry (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Exxon-Mobil). Beginning with guidance on understanding the typical organizational structure of any type of technical firm or company, author Plummer incorporates numerous hands-on examples and provides help on getting started with a project team, understanding key roles, and avoiding common pitfalls. In addition, he offers unique help on first-time experiences of working in other countries with engineering cultures that can be considerably different from the US. Reviews essentials of management for any new engineer suddenly thrust into responsibility Emphasizes skills that can get you promoted—and pitfalls that can get you fired Expanded case study to show typical evolution of a new engineer handed responsibility for a major design project

Applied Engineering Economics Using Excel

Applied Engineering Economics Using Excel Author Merwan Mehta
ISBN-10 0831135018
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 272
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"This textbook presents fundamental concepts that engineering students need to master in one semester. The author applies an incremental learning method, starting with resolving personal financial matters and gradually progressing to the complexities of engineering economic calculations. Practical examples and exercises with answers at the end of each chapter teach students to solve problems using Microsoft Excel without the need for calculus. Future engineers also will gain valuable skills such as the ability to effectively communicate the results of their analyses to financial professionals"--

Cases in Engineering Economy

Cases in Engineering Economy Author William Roscoe Peterson
ISBN-10 0195397835
Release 2009
Pages 238
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Designed to bring real-world complexity into the classroom, Cases in Engineering Economy provides 54 unique case studies in engineering economy. An ideal supplement to your engineering economic text, this casebook helps students to hone their analytical, logical, and communicative skills. The cases are authored by Ted Eschenbach and William Peterson, with contributions from engineering economy professors from ten different universities.

Fundamentals of Engineering Economics

Fundamentals of Engineering Economics Author Chan S. Park
ISBN-10 0134870077
Release 2018-01-05
Pages 736
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For introductory engineering economics courses. Relate engineering economics to students' everyday lives for theoretical and conceptual understanding Chan Park, author of the best-selling Contemporary Engineering Economics, tells the story of engineering economy with the more concise Fundamentals of Engineering Economics by relating concepts from class to students' everyday lives. This book provides sound and comprehensive coverage of course concepts while addressing both the theoretical and the practical concerns of engineering economics. Written to appeal to a wide range of engineering disciplines, the text helps students build skills in making informed financial decisions and incorporates all critical decision-making tools, including the most contemporary, computer-oriented ones. For the first time, MyLab(tm) Engineering is available for the 4th Edition, providing online homework with immediate feedback, the complete eText, and more. Also available with MyLab Engineering MyLab(tm) is the teaching and learning platform that empowers instructors to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyLab personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student.Algorithmically generated questions and problems can be assigned by instructors as automatically graded homework or provide students with self-testing and practice opportunities. Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyLab Engineering does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with MyLab Engineering, ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. If you would like to purchase boththe physical text and MyLab Engineering, search for: 0134872754 / 9780134872759 Fundamentals of Engineering Economics Plus MyEngineeringLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0134831683 / 9780134831688 MyEngineeringLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Fundamentals of Engineering Economics 0134870077 / 9780134870076 Fundamentals of Engineering Economics

Energy Resources and Systems

Energy Resources and Systems Author Tushar Ghosh
ISBN-10 9400714025
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 727
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This second volume of Energy Resources and Systems is focused on renewable energy resources. Renewable energy mainly comes from wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, ocean, bioenergy, ethanol and hydrogen. Each of these energy resources is important and growing. For example, high-head hydroelectric energy is a well established energy resource and already contributes about 20% of the world’s electricity. Some countries have significant high-head resources and produce the bulk of their electrical power by this method. However, the bulk of the world’s high-head hydroelectric resources have not been exploited, particularly by the underdeveloped countries. Low-head hydroelectric is unexploited and has the potential to be a growth area. Wind energy is the fastest growing of the renewable energy resources for the electricity generation. Solar energy is a popular renewable energy resource. Geothermal energy is viable near volcanic areas. Bioenergy and ethanol have grown in recent years primarily due to changes in public policy meant to encourage its usage. Energy policies stimulated the growth of ethanol, for example, with the unintended side effect of rise in food prices. Hydrogen has been pushed as a transportation fuel. The authors want to provide a comprehensive series of texts on the interlinking of the nature of energy resources, the systems that utilize them, the environmental effects, the socioeconomic impact, the political aspects and governing policies. Volume 1 on Fundamentals and Non Renewable Resources was published in 2009. It blends fundamental concepts with an understanding of the non-renewable resources that dominate today’s society. The authors are now working on Volume 3, on nuclear advanced energy resources and nuclear batteries, consists of fusion, space power systems, nuclear energy conversion, nuclear batteries and advanced power, fuel cells and energy storage. Volume 4 will cover environmental effects, remediation and policy. Solutions to providing long term, stable and economical energy is a complex problem, which links social, economical, technical and environmental issues. It is the goal of the four volume Energy Resources and Systems series to tell the whole story and provide the background required by students of energy to understand the complex nature of the problem and the importance of linking social, economical, technical and environmental issues.

Control of Biological and Drug Delivery Systems for Chemical Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Control of Biological and Drug Delivery Systems for Chemical  Biomedical  and Pharmaceutical Engineering Author Laurent Simon
ISBN-10 9781118396483
Release 2012-11-27
Pages 384
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Enables readers to apply process dynamics and control theory to solve bioprocess and drug delivery problems The control of biological and drug delivery systems is critical to the health of millions of people worldwide. As a result, researchers in systems biology and drug delivery rely on process dynamics and control theory to build our knowledge of cell behavior and to develop more effective therapeutics, controlled release devices, and drug administration protocols to manage disease. Written by a leading expert and educator in the field, this text helps readers develop a deep understanding of process dynamics and control theory in order to analyze and solve a broad range of problems in bioprocess and drug delivery systems. For example, readers will learn how stability criteria can be used to gain new insights into the regulation of biological pathways and lung mechanics. They'll also learn how the concept of a time constant is used to capture the dynamics of diffusive processes. Readers will also master such topics as external disturbances, transfer functions, and input/output models with the support of the author's clear explanations, as well as: Detailed examples from the biological sciences and novel drug delivery technologies 160 end-of-chapter problems with step-by-step solutions Demonstrations of how computational software such as MATLAB and Mathematica solve complex drug delivery problems Control of Biological and Drug-Delivery Systems for Chemical, Biomedical, and Pharmaceutical Engineering is written primarily for undergraduate chemical and biomedical engineering students; however, it is also recommended for students and researchers in pharmaceutical engineering, process control, and systems biology. All readers will gain a new perspective on process dynamics and control theory that will enable them to develop new and better technologies and therapeutics to treat human disease.

Risk Analysis in Engineering

Risk Analysis in Engineering Author Mohammad Modarres
ISBN-10 9781420003499
Release 2016-04-27
Pages 424
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Based on the author’s 20 years of teaching, Risk Analysis in Engineering: Techniques, Tools, and Trends presents an engineering approach to probabilistic risk analysis (PRA). It emphasizes methods for comprehensive PRA studies, including techniques for risk management. The author assumes little or no prior knowledge of risk analysis on the part of the student and provides the necessary mathematical and engineering foundations. The text relies heavily on, but is not limited to, examples from the nuclear industry, because that is where PRA techniques were first developed. Since PRA provides a best-estimate approach, the author pays special attention to explaining uncertainty characterization. The book begins with a description of the basic definitions and principles of risk, safety, and performance and presents the elements of risk analysis and their applications in engineering. After highlighting the methods for performing PRAs, the author describes how to assess and measure performance of the building blocks of PRAs, such as reliability of hardware subsystems, structures, components, human actions, and software. He covers methods of characterizing uncertainties and methods for propagating them through the PRA model to estimate uncertainties of the results. The book explores how to identify and rank important and sensitive contributors to the estimated risk using the PRA and performance assessment models. It also includes a description of risk acceptance criteria and the formal methods for making decisions related to risk management options and strategies. The book concludes with a brief review of the main aspects, issues, and methods of risk communication. Drawing on notes, homework problems, and exams from courses he has taught as well as feedback from his students, Professor Modarres provides a from-the-trenches method for teaching risk assessment for engineers. This is a textbook that is easy to use for students and professors alike.

Air Pollution Control Engineering

Air Pollution Control Engineering Author Noel de Nevers
ISBN-10 9781478634737
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 598
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Engineers in multiple disciplines—environmental, chemical, civil, and mechanical—contribute to our understanding of air pollution control. To that end, Noel de Nevers has incorporated these multiple perspectives into an engaging and accessible overview of the subject. While based on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, the book is accessible to any reader with only one year of college chemistry. In addition to detailed discussions of individual air pollutants and the theory and practice of air pollution control devices, de Nevers devotes seven chapters to topics that influence device selection and design, such as atmospheric models and U.S. air pollution law. The Third Edition’s many in-text examples and end-of-chapter problems provide a more complex treatment of the concepts presented. Significant updates include more discussion on the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and a thorough look at the Volkswagen diesel-emission scandal.

Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management Author Jack Gido
ISBN-10 9781337517355
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 50
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Master the skills and knowledge needed to work successfully in today's project management environment with Gido/Clements/Baker's SUCCESSFUL PROJECT MANAGEMENT, 7E. This best-selling book details how to organize and manage project teams -- from planning and scheduling to cost management. Each chapter aligns with PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) to ensure familiarity with today's best practices. Coverage of the latest business challenges addresses project constraints, stakeholder issues, the project charter, and how projects relate to the organization's strategic plan. Reader practice effective communication and examine how professionals apply project management in the workplace with new and revised cases and real-world vignettes. End-of-chapter practice and Internet exercises review the concepts most critical to project management success. Future and current professionals find the insights and specifics needed to manage projects most effectively in business today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Schaum s Outline of Theory and Problems of International Economics

Schaum s Outline of Theory and Problems of International Economics Author Dominick Salvatore
ISBN-10 OCLC:254988822
Release 1975
Pages 191
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Schaum s Outline of Theory and Problems of International Economics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Schaum s Outline of Theory and Problems of International Economics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Schaum s Outline of Theory and Problems of International Economics book for free.

Basics of Engineering Economy

Basics of Engineering Economy Author Leland Blank
ISBN-10 9780077510701
Release 2013-03-01
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This text covers the basic techniques and applications of engineering economy for all disciplines in the engineering profession. The writing style emphasizes brief, crisp coverage of the principle or technique discussed in order to reduce the time taken to present and grasp the essentials. The objective of the text is to explain and demonstrate the principles and techniques of engineering economic analysis as applied in different fields of engineering. This brief text includes coverage of multiple attribute evaluation for instructors who want to include non-economic dimensions in alternative evaluation and the discussion of risk considerations in the appendix, compared to Blank's comprehensive text, where these topics are discussed in two unique chapters.

Schaum s outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis

Schaum s outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis Author Francis J. Scheid
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004504992
Release 1968
Pages 422
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Schaum s outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Schaum s outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Schaum s outline of theory and problems of numerical analysis book for free.

Schaum s Outline of Engineering Mechanics Dynamics

Schaum s Outline of Engineering Mechanics Dynamics Author E. Nelson
ISBN-10 9780071713610
Release 2010-08-27
Pages 312
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Study faster, learn better, and get top grades Modified to conform to the current curriculum, Schaum's Outline of Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics complements these courses in scope and sequence to help you understand its basic concepts. The book offers extra practice on topics such as rectilinear motion, curvilinear motion, rectangular components, tangential and normal components, and radial and transverse components. You’ll also get coverage on acceleration, D'Alembert's Principle, plane of a rigid body, and rotation. Appropriate for the following courses: Engineering Mechanics; Introduction to Mechanics; Dynamics; Fundamentals of Engineering. Features: 765 solved problems Additional material on instantaneous axis of rotation and Coriolis' Acceleration Support for all the major textbooks for dynamics courses Topics include: Kinematics of a Particle, Kinetics of a Particle, Kinematics of a Rigid Body, Kinetics of a Rigid Body, Work and Energy, Impulse and Momentum, Mechanical Vibrations

The Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditures for Managers and Engineers

The Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditures for Managers and Engineers Author Gladstone Taylor Stevens
ISBN-10 0536583463
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 504
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The Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditures for Managers and Engineers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditures for Managers and Engineers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditures for Managers and Engineers book for free.

Schaum s Outline of Microeconomics 4th edition

Schaum s Outline of Microeconomics  4th edition Author Dominick Salvatore
ISBN-10 0071491716
Release 2010-05-23
Pages 384
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Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's Outlines. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum's is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills. This Schaum's Outline gives you Practice problems with full explanations that reinforce knowledge Coverage of the most up-to-date developments in your course field In-depth review of practices and applications Fully compatible with your classroom text, Schaum's highlights all the important facts you need to know. Use Schaum's to shorten your study time-and get your best test scores! Schaum's Outlines-Problem Solved.