Love to Live by

Love to Live by Author Karen Mann Nelson
ISBN-10 1544072627
Release 2017-04-02
Pages 260
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This is an "Incredible Journey" book. It takes you into the mind and heart of a woman who was blessed with the chance to raise ten children in her, now, forty-two-year marriage. To capture all she was learning "along the way," she would write down "Mom's Philosophies of Life" onto little scraps of paper and shove them into her pockets. At night, she would take them out and write short essays about the things that brought her joy, suffering, beyond imaginable "crazy," heartache, happiness, wonder, dancing, answers, healing, voices, magic, laughter, light, and miracles. These paper messages have now become a tool box; a treasure box called LOVE TO LIVE BY. They are now not only available as "things I would want my children to know." They are available to all who care to embark on a journey that could be a life changer.


Ebony Author
Release 1992-05
Pages 148
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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Love and Grief My Child My Heart

Love and Grief My Child My Heart Author Hamp Thomas
ISBN-10 147817580X
Release 2012-07-02
Pages 38
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A short collection of stories and thoughts that will touch your heart. Losing a child is NOT in the natural order of life and everything changes. This collection will help you through the process. It will make you cry. It will make you think. And, it may help you remember what a gift the time you had together was. Love never dies.


Me Author Ricky Martin
ISBN-10 1101475048
Release 2010-11-02
Pages 320
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International superstar, Ricky Martin, who has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide, opens up for the first time about memories of his early childhood, experiences in the famed boy band Menudo, struggles with his identity during the Livin' la Vida Loca phenomenon, reflections on coming to terms with his sexuality, relationships that allowed him to embrace love, and life-changing decisions like devoting himself to helping children around the world and becoming a father. Me is an intimate memoir about the very liberating and spiritual journey of one of the most iconic pop-stars of our time. From the Hardcover edition.

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don t Do

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don t Do Author Amy Morin
ISBN-10 9780062565747
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 352
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The author of the international bestseller 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do turns her focus to parents, teaching them how to raise mentally strong and resilient children. Do today’s children lack the flexibility and mental strength they need to cope with life’s challenges in an increasingly complicated and scary world? With safe spaces and trigger warnings designed to "protect" kids, many adults worry that children don’t have the resilience to reach their greatest potential. Amy Morin, the author who identified the characteristics that mentally strong people share, now gives adults—parents, teachers, and other mentors—the tools they need to become mental strength trainers. While other books tell parents what to do, Amy teaches parents what "not to do," which she says is equally important in raising mentally strong youngsters. As a foster parent, psychotherapist, and expert in family and teen therapy, Amy has witnessed first-hand what works. When children have the skills they need to deal with challenges in their everyday lives, they can flourish socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. With appropriate support, encouragement, and guidance from adults, kids grow stronger and become better. Drawing on her experiences and insight, 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do combines case studies, practical tips, specific strategies, and concrete and proven exercises to help children of all ages—from preschoolers to teenagers—build mental muscle and develop into healthy, strong adults.

This Earthly Tent

This Earthly Tent Author Janelle Green
ISBN-10 9781607911548
Release 2008-10-24
Pages 124
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Janelle Green was a vibrant young wife and mother in 1975. She and her husband Rick had two wonderful little boys and had just welcomed their beautiful little adopted daughter from Vietnam. They were like many other ordinary young families when suddenly her life took on a whole new dimension. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects the central nervous system. This is her story-a story of strength, determination and a profound faith in God, a faith that has enabled her to live a life that is an inspiration to us all. In her own words, she tells of her struggles, her triumphs, her dark days and her optimism. Through it all, she relied on her strong belief in God and the promises in His Word. Her book will be a blessing to all readers. Janelle Green is a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She and her husband, Rick have been married for 44 years and have lived in their home near Columbia, South Carolina for 37 years. They have 3 grown children, Alan, Scott and Leah. Alan and his wife, Leslie, have made them the proud grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters, Meredith and Jenna. Janelle has been an active member of Trinity Baptist Church for 25 years. She has had MS for 31 of her 62 years and through the grace of God maintains an active, giving and caring life without depression, anger, or blame, in spite of her illness. She still ministers to others by phone and has a weekly prayer group in her home. She hopes that her story will give others hope, through her positive attitude, her optimism and her belief in God's promise that there are better days ahead.

The Sunday Magazine

The Sunday Magazine Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015068417669
Release 1882
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The Sunday Magazine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Sunday Magazine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Sunday Magazine book for free.

What Does God Want from Me

What Does God Want from Me Author Peggy Merritt Hammond
ISBN-10 9781477101131
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 48
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In her book, What Does God Want From Me? Peggy Merritt Hammond shares her personal journey to the heart of God. Watch how her faith grows as she learns to hear Gods voice, learns to trust God and finds peace and direction for her life. Follow Peggy through divorce, depression, sickness, loss, etc. and discover how you, too, can come out a winner! Do you know without a doubt that God loves you? I mean really know that you know that God loves you! If you really know that God loves you, then you can trust Him with your life. You can trust Him, no matter what the circumstances, to bring all things together for your good and His glory. When we take our requests and desires to God we demonstrate our trust in Him. God wants to be involved in every detail of our lives. Its what we trust in but dont yet see that keeps us going. Peggy shares her desire to fall in love with Jesus and hopes that her book will encourage you to do the same. The better we know someone, the more we like them; and the more we like them, the more we want to know them. She encourages everyone to read the Bible and get to know God on their own terms, to develop their own personal relationship with Him as Paul tells us in Philippians 2:12-13: work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

Thoughts of a Stripper A Mother s Story

Thoughts of a Stripper  A Mother s Story Author Opal Dockery
ISBN-10 0557490251
Release 2010-06-02
Pages 177
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In the 1970's, the Burlesque industry was thriving. Nudity and pornography was a public and political outrage. And people across the country were flocking to burlesque theaters to see Melissa St. John: The Upside Down Girl, A.K.A. Wild Star. Little did they know she was a single Mother, alone, on the road, with her two children in boarding schools in separate states. Over a 6 year period while traveling on a burlesque circuit across the country, she was searching for a way to come face to face with her true spirit. Through writing her innermost thoughts on paper, she found herself in the most unconventional way. THOUGHTS OF A STRIPPER: A MOTHER'S STORY, by Opal Dockery, is an inspirational, spiritual and autobiographical journal of a stripper's thoughts over a 6 year period in the 1970's. Her personal thoughts on single parenthood, spirituality, alternative lifestyle thinking, travel, the burlesque industry and family will inspire you, shock you and uplift you.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don t Do

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don t Do Author Amy Morin
ISBN-10 9780062358318
Release 2014-12-23
Pages 272
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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Mental Strength Everyone knows that regular exercise and weight training lead to physical strength. But how do we strengthen ourselves mentally for the truly tough times? And what should we do when we face these challenges? Or as psychotherapist Amy Morin asks, what should we avoid when we encounter adversity? Through her years counseling others and her own experiences navigating personal loss, Morin realized it is often the habits we cannot break that are holding us back from true success and happiness. Indulging in self-pity, agonizing over things beyond our control, obsessing over past events, resenting the achievements of others, or expecting immediate positive results holds us back. This list of things mentally strong people don't do resonated so much with readers that when it was picked up by it received ten million views. Now, for the first time, Morin expands upon the thirteen things from her viral post and shares her tried-and-true practices for increasing mental strength. Morin writes with searing honesty, incorporating anecdotes from her work as a college psychology instructor and psychotherapist as well as personal stories about how she bolstered her own mental strength when tragedy threatened to consume her. Increasing your mental strength can change your entire attitude. It takes practice and hard work, but with Morin's specific tips, exercises, and troubleshooting advice, it is possible to not only fortify your mental muscle but also drastically improve the quality of your life.

Love is Blind

Love is Blind Author May'lon Miranda
ISBN-10 146707019X
Release 2011-10-20
Pages 180
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I’ve been through a lot in my life and was always on the right path in life up until i found out at the age of 17 that I was adopted I went into the deepest state of depression it crushed my world but at the same time started my new beginning...all throughout my life I was searching for the truth I didn’t think I would ever find myself or my biological family until one day a letter, a pen and a pad of paper would change my life forever


Crosswalk Author Dollie Howard Jackson
ISBN-10 9781465309426
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 156
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There is no available information at this time.

Love Letters

Love Letters Author Sandra Leigh Savage
ISBN-10 9781462050697
Release 2011-09-26
Pages 248
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When author Sandra Leigh Savages husband committed suicide in 1997, she went into isolation for a year. In this memoir, she shares her journey from the grief she experienced to her vision of a great new life. Love Letters, a collection of letters begun in September 2010, provides a snapshot of Savages sorrows, joys, and reflections. Through these vignettes, she says her good-byes, notes her thanks, and provides advice for those who may have experienced the death of a spouse. This collection provides insight into how she survived the death of her husband, came to know and believe in the saving grace of God, and made the decision to stay on this earth to fulfill Gods wishes. Emotional and self-disclosing, Love Letters shares Savages personal message of living each day with no regrets. Through her life events, she expresses how placing your trust in the Lord can guide you through lifes bad moments and help you to full appreciate lifes good moments.

Patient Education for People with Parkinson s Disease and their Carers

Patient Education for People with Parkinson s Disease and their Carers Author Marcia Smith Pasqualini
ISBN-10 9780470032619
Release 2006-10-02
Pages 290
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This manual provides the information and materials needed to conduct an eight-session patient education programme for people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers, complementing medical treatment. This programme was developed within an interdisciplinary European consortium, comprising research and clinical centres in Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Estonia and the United Kingdom. In addition to dealing with the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, many people also struggle with the psychological and social effects. In fact, people at every stage of the disease can be faced with problems such as depression, anxiety, stressful social interactions, and difficulties communicating, all of which can disrupt their lives. This programme draws upon basic psychological principles and presents specific strategies that people can use to manage these difficulties. The ultimate goal of the programme is to empower people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers to improve their own quality of life. Although the programme is standardised, flexibility is built into the programme to facilitate its use in different cultures, and with different types of patient and carer groups. Patient Education for People with Parkinson’s Disease and Their Carers: A Manaual is essential reading for all health care professionals and trained volunteers working with people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers.

We Just Want To Live Here

We Just Want To Live Here Author Amal Rifa'i
ISBN-10 9781429979764
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 176
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Palestinian Amal Rifa'i and Israeli Odelia Ainbinder are two teenage girls who live in the same city, yet worlds apart. They met on a student exchange program to Switzerland. Weeks after they returned, the latest, violent Intifada broke out in the fall of 2000. But two years later, Middle East correspondent Sylke Tempel encouraged Amal and Odelia to develop their friendship by facilitating an exchange of their deepest feelings through letters. In their letters, Amal and Odelia discuss the Intifada, their families, traditions, suicide bombers, and military service. They write frankly of their anger, frustrations, and fear, but also of their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Together, Amal and Odelia give us a renewed sense of hope for peace in the Middle East, in We Just Want To Live Here.

Things I Would Tell My Children or Anyone Else Who Would Listen

Things I Would Tell My Children or Anyone Else Who Would Listen Author Roger Smith
ISBN-10 9781512778045
Release 2017-03-08
Pages 154
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This book gives us a frank look at what we risk if we turn away from God's plan for us.

The Flaming Circle

The Flaming Circle Author Robin Artisson
ISBN-10 9780979616846
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 452
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"A Regeneration of the Pre-Christian Spiritual Worldviews and Religious Practices of the Holy Isles." This book is very different from anything Robin Artisson has written so far, for a very special reason: it is written in the tone of a father to his children. This book is a gift for his children, full of things he would want them to know and things he would want to tell them, to help them through their lives. The book is closer, more intimate, and warmer than most of his work. But it includes massive amounts of material regarding native British Isles (Britain and Ireland) traditional Paganism and spiritual ecology, and native Gods and Goddesses. Tons of scholarly backing and personal inspiration, as well as a wide and complete selection of traditional Pagan philosophical "points of guidance" are offered, as a father would want to offer his most beloved offspring. A full working reconstruction of the pre-Christian polytheistic religious perspectives and practices of Pagan Britain and Ireland is "taught" in its pages, like a guidebook and a long letter/narrative being sent from father to children. There is a long occult tradition of such exchanges. All are invited to listen in on a man telling the most important things he can tell his children, and hoping that they remember these things when he is gone and they have children of their own. A very personal project, but one he has wanted to create and write for years, and it deals with years worth of material he has collected.