Gateway to Fourline

Gateway to Fourline Author Pamela Brondos
ISBN-10 1503948358
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 300
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Years before, a gateway opened between their world and ours. Sending one young woman through may be the key to survival for the kingdom of Fourline. Strapped for cash, college student Natalie Barns agrees to take a job at a costume shop. Sure, Estos--her classmate who works in the shop--is a little odd, but Nat needs the money for her tuition. Then she stumbles through the mysterious door behind the shop--and her entire universe transforms. Discovering there's far more to Estos than she ever imagined, Nat gets swept up in an adventure to save his homeland, an incredible world filled with decaying magic, deadly creatures, and a noble resistance of exiled warriors battling dark forces. As she struggles with her role in an epic conflict and wrestles with her growing affection for a young rebel, Soris, Nat quickly learns that nothing may go as planned...and her biggest challenge may be surviving long enough to make it home.

The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant Author Pam Brondos
ISBN-10 1612184707
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 310
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Determined to find a cure for the duozi who are infected by the Nala, Natalie returns to Fourline to fight against its evil dictator, even at the risk of her own survival.

On the Meldon Plain

On the Meldon Plain Author Pam Brondos
ISBN-10 1503953203
Release 2016-01-19
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Natalie Barns is falling apart. Since returning from Fourline, she's tried desperately to focus on the world in front of her--the one of classes, money, and family. But the wound in Natalie's shoulder from her final encounter with the Nala radiates pain constantly throughout her days, while her nights are tormented by terrifying dreams of the Nala--and of Soris, the rebel fighter she failed to protect. Seeking refuge from what plagues her, Natalie returns to the costume shop and discovers her wound is much more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. What she learns sets her on an inexorable path back to the kingdom of Fourline. If she's to have a chance of survival, she must confront Soris' fate and the fears that have been festering in her heart--or the Nala remnant will change her life forever.

Summary of Gateway to Fourline

Summary of Gateway to Fourline Author A Book a Day
ISBN-10 1539125203
Release 2016-09-29
Pages 56
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Warning This is an independent addition to Gateway To Fourline, meant to enhance your experience of the original book. If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay. INTRODUCTION Everyone at some point or another has wanted to go through a doorway or portal to another world whether it is Narnia, Wonderland, or even a world we make up in our minds. College student Natalie Barns suddenly finds herself living that idea. Struggling to balance her life and financial needs, Nat jumps at a job that would help limit her stress level. Little did she know there is more to the costume shop than just costumes. Natalie is entrusted with a quest that will change the way she views the world around her and affect the future of a distant realm. Fourline is under duress as its rightful heir has disappeared. Things have gotten worse with Lord Mudug acting and regent until the heir is found. The country no longer knows peace as the Nala have been attacking humans traveling the forests more as the Sisters dwindle in numbers. Rumors are spread that the Sisters are actually helping the Nala in their attacks and have aided in the disappearance of the heir. Estos and others from Fourline are in hiding, every time they return to Fourline, they are discovered and attacked by Lord Mudug's soldiers. How is finding them and how can he be stopped? Natalie may be their only chance. ANALYSIS This analysis is meant to be used while you are reading "Gateway to Fourline." Many readers enjoy going to chapter analysis and discussion while reading to find things they may have missed, understand something better or find hidden meaning in something. The character guide provides a reference to who's who within this novel and provides connections to one another, and they are a large amount of characters. This analysis will help you fall deeper under the author's spell and elongate your time with a few favorite characters. You may even discover something about a character you didn't think about while reading. This analysis will help provide an understanding of the story the author is telling readers. It will open the world created in a new way. If you don't have a copy of "Gateway to Fourline" yet, then what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy before you get started with this analysis. You can order a copy of this novel on Amazon here. Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

Scarlet The Lunar Chronicles Book 2

Scarlet  The Lunar Chronicles Book 2 Author Marissa Meyer
ISBN-10 9780141971841
Release 2013-02-07
Pages 464
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The second book in The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. This is not the fairytale you remember. But it's one you won't forget. SCARLET BENOIT'S grandmother is missing. The police have closed her case. The only person Scarlet can turn to is Wolf, a street fighter she does not trust, but they are drawn to each other. Meanwhile, in New Beijing, Cinder will become the Commonwealth's most wanted fugitive - when she breaks out of prison to stay one step ahead of vicious Queen Levana. As Scarlet and Wolf expose one mystery, they encounter Cinder and a new one unravels. Together they must challenge the evil queen, who will stop at nothing to make Prince Kai her husband, her king, her prisoner . . . ***Red Riding Hood-meets-Percy Jackson in a thrilling new spin on Grimm by Marissa Meyer, the author of Cinder.***

Up Back and Away

Up  Back  and Away Author K. Velk
ISBN-10 1481873474
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 344
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Miles McTavish, 15, is undersized and inoffensive. He likes old bicycles, new music, and (don't say it too loud), model railroading. As the only child of wealthy Dallas executives, it appears that a life of trustafarian ease is his birthright. All those expectations are upended, however, the day he is summoned to the hospital bed of his friend (and fellow English three-speed enthusiast), Morgan Davies. Professor Davies has a secret to share: he once was a time traveler. He also has a task for his young friend: Miles is to travel back in time to 1928, and across the sea to England. Once there, he is to find “a girl with a gift, a girl born out of her time” and a “secret that was not meant to be” and then return home with them both. Miles must first find the courage to pass through the strange portal in the Vermont woods that will launch him on this mission, and then to face down a series of do-or-die crises (including a crisis of confidence). He must also navigate the low-tech, class-bound world of England in 1928 while keeping his true identity a secret. Miles' quest for the girl and the secret carries him from a great estate in England's beautiful countryside to London's jazz-age cabarets, and from terrified boy to heroic young man.

The Energy Crusades

The Energy Crusades Author Valerie Noble
ISBN-10 1621354792
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 318
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Kaia's never been less sure of herself as she leaves to train for her Energy Crusade. Selected for an elite team with a high energy payout, Kaia should be proud and hopeful-- especially because the captain of her team is Ajax, her dearest childhood friend. But Ajax wants nothing to do with her, and her training exercises raise questions that Kaia's not sure she wants to answer. Ajax shouldn't blame Kaia for the fact that he's stuck at University when his peers are already off on their Crusade, but he can't help it. Between the bitterness of being left behind and the responsibility to lead this new team of Crusaders, Ajax feels frustrated and overburdened. It doesn't help to see Kaia's hurt face when he denies the unique bond they share. When the training takes an unexpected turn Kaia and Ajax realize that they need each other more than they ever expected-- to decipher the conflicting messages of the Reformation and the Resistance, to determine where their loyalties lie, and ultimately to stay alive amidst an epic struggle that will challenge every truth they've ever known.

The Darkest Pleasure

The Darkest Pleasure Author Gena Showalter
ISBN-10 9781459295315
Release 2016-02-15
Pages 384
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Reyes is a man possessed. Bound by the demon of pain, he is forbidden to know pleasure. Yet he craves a mortal woman, Danika Ford, more than breath and will do anything to claim her—even defy the gods. Danika is on the run. For months she's eluded the Lords of the Underworld, immortal warriors who won't rest until she and her family have been destroyed. But her dreams are haunted by Reyes, the warrior whose searing touch she can't forget. Yet a future together could mean death to all they both hold dear…. And be sure to check out the latest book in the irresistibly seductive Lords of the Underworld series, The Darkest Torment, featuring the fierce warrior Baden who will stop at nothing to claim the exquisite human with the power to soothe the beast inside him… Previously published.

Arrabella Candellarbra

Arrabella Candellarbra Author A. K. Wrox
ISBN-10 9780987160355
Release 2011-09-10
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a comic fantasy spoof

The Celestial Selenite Scry

The Celestial Selenite Scry Author Marlene K. Slade
ISBN-10 0615336221
Release 1994-11-01
Pages 339
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The Celestial Selenite Scry is the lunar sphere that portends the birth of a master male of magic and power. This male is the perfection of an old and new domination. A witch born into the bloodline of a centuries-old lord of the underworld. A witch predestined to obliterate mankind and a mighty foe that has awaited his coming throughout the ages. But not just any witch. This is a one of a kind witch born male. Not a warlock, wizard, magician or any other practitioner of this basic sort. This male witch need not dabble in potion mixing, require the use of wands or fabricate illusions to work magic. This male witch need only be born as prophesized. The story of this destroyer of creation and ever-vigilant savior begins on a stormy November night in 1796. A female subservient of the evil underworld lord is expected to give birth to this son of death. Her family bloodline carries the key to his making. His pre-eminent release into the world is severed, but not stopped when two males are unexpectedly born instead of one. What follows will alter the duty of immortal enemies bonded in blood as fraternal twins and affect the fate of every existence in the known and unknown universe, forever.

The Immortal Circus

The Immortal Circus Author A. R. Kahler
ISBN-10 1611099447
Release 2013-01-29
Pages 231
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Murdered contortionists aren't exactly what Vivienne signed up for when she ran away to join the circus. But like most things under the big top, nothing is what it seems. With a past she can't quite remember, Vivienne finds that running away forever might not be as appealing as it once sounded — because forever means something quite different at the Cirque des Immortels.Aided by her friends Kingston — a feisty stage magician whose magic is quickly stealing her heart — and his sarcastic assistant Melody, Vivienne finds herself racing against the clock to discover the culprit behind a series of deaths that should be impossible. However, the answer she seeks might reveal more about her own bloody past — and future — than she bargains for.The show's just beginning. Step right up...

Darkness Savage

Darkness Savage Author Rachel A. Marks
ISBN-10 1503950301
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 370
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The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as Aidan faces a crushing choice: give in to the demands of the forces of Darkness in order to save his sister, Ava, or fight on the side of good and risk losing her forever. With so much at stake and so little time, Aidan rushes to finish assembling a team of Lights, other teens whose special abilities are linked to his own. Meanwhile, Rebecca discovers that she's more than just a normal teen and that the power awakening inside her may be stronger than she ever could have imagined. As the city plunges into chaos and Aidan doubts his plan of attack, Rebecca's newfound gift may tip the scale in the wrong direction. In this thrilling final installment of the Dark Cycle series, will Aidan find the help he needs to release the world from Darkness's grip? Or will he lose everything he's been desperately trying to save, including his soul?

Catcher Caught

Catcher  Caught Author Sarah Collins Honenberger
ISBN-10 1935597108
Release 2010
Pages 246
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A few months after doctors tell him he has only a year to live, a precocious fifteen-year-old from a small town in Virginia has an intense reaction to The Catcher in the Rye. Deriving inspiration from J. D. Salinger's narrative, Daniel Landon begins to question the intentions and authority of those around him in his own search for identity in the face of death. Tired of his cramped surroundings and parents' alternative approaches to his treatment, he follows the footsteps of Holden Caulfield to New York City in search of the same eternal truths, only to discover the importance of home. A coming-of-age story, a love story, and a new classic, Catcher, Caught will engage the imagination of more than one generation searching for lasting values. "Honenberger skillfully crafts her coming-of-age-at-the-end-of-life tale, balancing the pull between typical teen issues and major life decisions with subtlety and compassion." --Booklist "Brave, compassionate, patient, and funny...This novel will stick in my memory for a long, long time." --George Singleton, author of The Half-Mammals of Dixie

The Paper Magician

The Paper Magician Author Charlie N. Holmberg
ISBN-10 1477823832
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 214
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Under the tutelage of magician Emery Thane, Ceony Twill discovers the wonders of paper magic, but when her teacher's life is threatened, she must face the extraordinary dangers of forbidden magic to save him.

Infinity Lost

Infinity Lost Author S. Harrison
ISBN-10 1503945073
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 235
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In the near future, one corporation, Blackstone Technologies, has changed the world: no disasters, no poverty, and life-altering technology. Blackstone has the impunity to destroy--or create--as it sees fit. Infinity "Finn" Blackstone is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Blackstone's reclusive CEO--but she's never even met him. When disturbing dreams about a past she doesn't remember begin to torment her, Finn knows there's only one person who can provide answers: her father. After Finn and an elite group of peers are invited to Blackstone's top-secret HQ, Finn realizes she may have a chance to confront her father. But when a highly sophisticated company AI morphs into a killing machine, the trip descends into chaos. Trapped inside shape-shifting walls, Finn and her friends are at the mercy of an all-seeing intelligence that will destroy everything to get to her. With no hope of help, Finn's dream-memories may be the only chance of survival. But will she remember in time to save her own life and the lives of those around her?

Shadowed Souls

Shadowed Souls Author Allison Aileen Masters
ISBN-10 1466416572
Release 2011-12-07
Pages 288
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Some destinies come at a high price. Something Ava Malone knows all too well.As a Seer of angels and demons, Ava has spent her life living within the shadow of the one world government. Working as a special agent for an elite branch of the government, she manages to keep herself and her sister alive.All that changes when she meets Aedus, a high-ranking angel, who introduces her to a murky undercover world where no one plays by the rules. The walls of safety that Ava has hidden behind come crumbling down, forcing her to choose her destined path and to rely on Lucian Sloane, a man who breaks the very laws she enforces.While investigating one of the East Coast's biggest mafia families, Ava soon discovers there are more than demons that stand in her way...

The Eye of Heaven

The Eye of Heaven Author JoAnne Soper-Cook
ISBN-10 1615817344
Release 2011-03-18
Pages 320
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When Dante di Salvatore, former prostitute and adopted son of one of Florence’s reigning nobles, is bitten by the ancient vampire goddess Lillith, his mortal life is over. Once enslaved by the vampire queen’s malign influence, Dante allies himself with Rouen, a young man of dazzling beauty and great influence who is enamored with Dante. But they cannot truly be together unless Dante changes Rouen into a vampire, and for Rouen, accepting the dark gift may ultimately cost him his immortal soul. Soon the great city of Florence will be taken to account for her sins as the streets are scourged of everything the fanatical preacher Serenola deems unnatural.