Canadian Community as Partner

Canadian Community as Partner Author Ardene Robinson Vollman
ISBN-10 0781784263
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 554
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This is the Canadian adaptation of the Fifth Edition of the AJN award-winning Community as Partner text. Focusing on public health promotion practices in Canada, this text examines the contemporary public health nurse's role as a hands-on caregiver, community detective, and epidemiologist. Part One provides a Canadian perspective on community nursing practice and legal, ethical, and sociocultural considerations. Part Two presents the Community as Partner Model, and Part Three contains case studies with Canadian examples. This edition places more emphasis on supportive environments for health, the five strategies of the Ottawa Charter, primary health care, and rural communities.

Canadian Community as Partner

Canadian Community as Partner Author Ardene Robinson Vollman
ISBN-10 0781741629
Release 2004-01
Pages 490
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This is the Canadian edition of the Community as Partner text. Using a variety of Canadian references, this text provides the framework to conduct a community assessment and work with the community to develop health-promoting programs. It has a practical focus on community assessment, data analysis, community-level issue identification, program planning, intervention, and evaluation. Unit One now provides a completely Canadian perspective on health promotion, epidemiology, health risks, public policy, and multicultural communities. Unit Two reflects the community as partner model with a Canadian approach, and Unit Three contains case studies with Canadian examples. Each chapter will include specific learning objectives, key points, practice and research sections, and discussion questions. Available Canadian Connection Website, .

Community as Partner

Community as Partner Author Elizabeth T. Anderson
ISBN-10 9781605478555
Release 2010-09-22
Pages 402
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"This user-friendly text is presented as a handbook for students and practicing nurses who work with communities to promote health. Community as Partner focuses on the essentials of practice with the community. Students will find this text helpful for the many examples of working with the community as partner. For over 20 years and five editions, this textbook has served undergraduate, RN to BS, and RN to MS students and graduate students alike as a framework for professional nursing practice in the community. Our intention is to keep the text basic and accessible to all who practice in the community. Using this text with distance education and virtual learning with Internet resources will enrich practice in any community. This sixth edition continues the philosophy of the authors by strengthening the theoretical base with new chapters on globalization and rural health. All other chapters have been revised and updated from the fifth edition. We continue with a series of chapters that takes the reader through the entire nursing process by using a real-life community as our example. The urban example is enhanced and expanded throughout the remainder of the book by selected aggregates which serve as exemplars of working with the community as partner as well. " --Provided by publisher.

Community Health Nursing in Canada

Community Health Nursing in Canada Author Marcia Stanhope
ISBN-10 9781771720748
Release 2016-08-17
Pages 672
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With concise, focused coverage, Community Health Nursing in Canada, 3rd Edition introduces you to all of the necessary concepts, skills, and practice of community health nursing. This comprehensive text from leading nursing educators also addresses the increasing awareness of social justice and the impact of society on individual health, with a shift from individual-centred care to population- and community-centred care. In this constantly evolving field, Community Health Nursing in Canada helps you develop the necessary skills to apply what you’ve learned in the practice setting. UNIQUE! Evidence-Informed Practice boxes illustrate how to apply the latest research findings in community health nursing. Levels of Prevention boxes give examples of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention related to community health nursing practice. Ethical Considerations boxes provide examples of ethical situations and relevant principles involved in making informed decisions in community health nursing practice. UNIQUE! Chapter Indigenous Health: Working with First Nations Peoples, Inuit, and Métis chapter details community health nursing in Aboriginal communities. UNIQUE! Determinants of Health boxes highlight these critical factors contributing to an individual’s health. How To boxes provide specific, application-oriented information. Chapter Summary sections provide a helpful summary of the key points within each chapter. NEW! CHN in Practice boxes provide unique case studies to help you develop your assessment and critical thinking skills. NEW! Cultural Considerations boxes present culturally diverse scenarios that offer questions for reflection and class discussion.

Health in Rural Canada

Health in Rural Canada Author Judith C. Kulig
ISBN-10 9780774821759
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 568
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Health research in Canada has mostly focused on urban areas, often overlooking the unique issues faced by Canadians living in rural and remote areas. This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of the state of rural health and health care in Canada. The contributors bring insights and methodologies from multiple disciplines and community-based research projects to a full spectrum of topics: health literacy, rural health-care delivery and training, Aboriginal health, web-based services and their application, rural palliative care, and rural health research and policy. Together, these multifaceted explorations of the dynamic relationship between health and place offer a valuable resource for understanding the special, ever-changing needs of rural communities.

Nurse as Educator Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice

Nurse as Educator  Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice Author Bastable
ISBN-10 9781284127201
Release 2017-12-07
Pages 692
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urse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice, Fifth Edition prepares nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse practitioners for their ever-increasing role in patient teaching, health education, health promotion, and nursing education.

Innovations in Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence

Innovations in Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence Author Tod Augusta-Scott
ISBN-10 9781315532752
Release 2017-04-21
Pages 286
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Innovations in Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence: Research and Practice speaks to what can be done to effectively intervene to end intimate partner violence against women. Including contributions from both researchers and practitioners, chapters describe service innovations across systems in large urban and remote rural contexts, aimed at majority and minority populations, and that utilize a range of theoretical perspectives to understand and promote change in violence and victimization. Reflecting this range, contributions to this volume are organized into five sections: legal responses to domestic violence, intervention with men who have perpetrated domestic violence, responses to women who have experienced domestic violence, restorative approaches to intimate partner violence, and a section on integrating intervention for domestic violence across systems. The book highlights advances in practice which will be of interest to researchers, practitioners, policy makers and students.

Privileged Presence

Privileged Presence Author Liz Crocker
ISBN-10 9781936693825
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 364
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Privileged Presence is a collection of more than 50 stories that capture both the medical and emotional aspects of the health care experience through tales from those who have been there, and offers powerful messages about the essential ingredients of "good" health care: respect, compassion, collaboration, open and honest communication, family involvement, and flexibility and responsiveness to individuals and their needs. This updated second edition uses real-world experiences recounted by patients and their families, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals to illustrate what works and what doesn't and what increases or diminishes people's sense of confidence and well-being.

Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice

Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice Author Kathleen Oberle
ISBN-10 0131248898
Release 2009
Pages 392
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Developed from the ground-up in Canada, Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice provides a balanced combination of nursing ethics theory, application, and legal content to readers. By incorporating the 2008 edition of the Canadian Nurses Association's Code of Ethics, this engaging text makes a direct and meaningful connection between the presented curriculum and national guidelines, making it an indispensable resource for students and practitioners. Designed for ease of reading, Ethics in Canadian Nursing Practice provides a gradual introduction to the key principles, with clear and simple examples drawn from case studies referenced from the Code of Ethics. Pedagogical features including text boxes, summaries, questions and exercises, research activities, and key word lists reinforce the material students need to succeed in the course.

Experiences of Mental Health In patient Care

Experiences of Mental Health In patient Care Author Mark Hardcastle
ISBN-10 9781134128693
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 248
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Commended in the Mental Health category of the 2008 BMA Medical Book Competition. This book offers an insight into the experience of psychiatric in-patient care, from both a professional and a user perspective. The editors highlight the problems in creating therapeutic environments within settings which are often poorly resourced, crisis driven and risk aversive. The contributors argue that for change to occur there needs first of all to be a genuine appreciation of the experiences of those involved in the unpredictable, anxiety-arousing and sometimes threatening environment of the psychiatric ward. Each chapter comprises a personal account of in-patient care by those in the front line: people who have been admitted to a psychiatric ward; their relatives; or those that provide the care. These accounts are followed by two commentaries written from different perspectives, suggesting lessons that can be learnt to improve the quality of care. Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care will be useful for all mental health professionals, including mental health nurses, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, arts therapists, social workers and trainees, as well as service users and carers organisations.

However Long the Night

However Long the Night Author Aimee Molloy
ISBN-10 9780062132802
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 272
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In However Long the Night, Aimee Molloy tells the unlikely and inspiring story of Molly Melching, an American woman whose experience as an exchange student in Senegal led her to found Tostan and dedicate almost four decades of her life to the girls and women of Africa. This moving biography details Melching's beginnings at the University of Dakar and follows her journey of 40 years in Africa, where she became a social entrepreneur and one of humanity's strongest voices for the rights of girls and women. Inspirational and beautifully written, However Long the Night: Molly Melching's Journey to Help Millions of African Women and Girls Triumph is a passionate entreaty for all global citizens. This book is published in partnership with the Skoll Foundation, dedicated to accelerating innovations from organizations like Tostan that address the world's most pressing problems.

The China Challenge

The China Challenge Author Huhua Cao
ISBN-10 9780776619552
Release 2011-05-28
Pages 344
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With the exception of Canada’s relationship with the United States, Canada’s relationship with China will likely be its most significant foreign connection in the twenty-first century. As China’s role in world politics becomes more central, understanding China becomes essential for Canadian policymakers and policy analysts in a variety of areas. Responding to this need, The China Challenge brings together perspectives from both Chinese and Canadian experts on the evolving Sino-Canadian relationship. It traces the history and looks into the future of Canada-China bilateral relations. It also examines how China has affected a number of Canadian foreign and domestic policy issues, including education, economics, immigration, labour and language. Recently, Canada-China relations have suffered from inadequate policymaking and misunderstandings on the part of both governments. Establishing a good dialogue with China must be a Canadian priority in order to build and maintain mutually beneficial relations with this emerging power, which will last into the future.

Large Mines and the Community

Large Mines and the Community Author Gary McMahon
ISBN-10 0821350021
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 335
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"International Development Research Centre."

Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing Author Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler
ISBN-10 0133156257
Release 2015-10-30
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Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyNursingLab does not come automatically packaged with it. To purchase MyNursingLab, please visit or you can purchase a package of the physical text and MyNursingLab by searching for ISBN 10: 0133156257 / ISBN 13: 9780133156256. Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective prepares students for community nursing practice anywhere in Canada by laying a strong theoretical foundation and encouraging partnerships between nurses and individuals and the community to promote health. A contributed volume written primarily for undergraduates enrolled in a community health nursing course, the fourth edition of Stamler et al.'s Community Health Nursing provides the foundation and explores issues in community health in the Canadian context.


Pride Author Robin Stevenson
ISBN-10 9781459809956
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 120
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For LGBTQ people and their supporters, Pride events are an opportunity to honor the past, protest injustice, and celebrate a diverse and vibrant community. The high point of Pride, the Pride Parade, is spectacular and colorful. But there is a whole lot more to Pride than rainbow flags and amazing outfits. How did Pride come to be? And what does Pride mean to the people who celebrate it?

Nursing Research

Nursing Research Author Doug Elliott
ISBN-10 0729536653
Release 2002
Pages 487
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The second edition of this highly popular text provides students of nursing research with a fully comprehensive introduction to nursing research process and methods, and evidence-based nursing, and provides the tools needed to become a consumer of nursing research. Nursing Research Methods, Critical Appraisal and Utilisation, 2nd edition, examines the role of research in nursing practice, and introduces students to the process and methods used to conduct nursing research and how to use nursing research in clinical practice.

Understanding Research for Evidence based Practice

Understanding Research for Evidence based Practice Author Cherie R. Rebar
ISBN-10 1469893509
Release 2014
Pages 384
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Understanding Research for Evidence based Practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Research for Evidence based Practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Research for Evidence based Practice book for free.