Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation

Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation Author Pejman Ghadimi
ISBN-10 0985601337
ISBN-13 9780985601331
Year 2013-02-02
Pages 208
Language English
Publisher Secret Entourage
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What if you could take full control of your circumstance society finances and life in the next 30 days The rules of entrepreneurship have changed Discover why critics everywhere are calling Third Circle Theory a modern day version of Think and Grow Rich and a modern refreshing and systematic approach to entrepreneurship Third Circle Theory is a book about self awareness and the understanding of how impactful our observations are in our day to day lives Whether your goal is to learn practical entrepreneurship skills leadership attributes or to understand how and why you make certain decisions Third Circle Theory and its teachings can help you reach the next level of success on your journey Everyone of us is born into a circumstance which we do not control but we are all able to take ownership and alter that circumstance in order to build a strong foundation for ourselves If you ever wondered what differentiates today s entrepreneurial legends like Elon Musk Steve Jobs or Richard Branson from the rest of us then here is your opportunity to learn step by step how understanding the Third Circle philosophy can get you there Whether we are born poor or rich we can master the components in Circle 1 Mastery of Circumstance to progress to a successful state of mind and undertake the challenges that we were born with Circle 2 Mastery of Society teaches us how to adapt and benefit from other systems and concepts we interact with daily Our pursuit of wealth and freedom can only take us so far but it is ultimately our drive to define our purpose in life that keeps us motivated Circle 3 Mastery of Life enables us to understand how we create fulfillment for ourselves and define our legacy through entrepreneurship Third Circle Theory is for ANYONE who believes they are worth more than they have today and never want to settle for anything less than their goals

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