Imago (Volume 1)

Author N.R. Walker ISBN-10 1543248802 ISBN-13 9781543248807 Year 2017-02-25 Pages 162 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here Nerdy introverted genius lepidopterist Lawson Gale is an expert on butterflies He finds himself in a small town in Tasmania on a quest from an old professor to find an elusive species that may or may not even exist Local Parks and Wildlife officer Jack Brighton is an ordinary guy who loves his life in the sleepy town of Scottsdale Along with his Border collie dog Rosemary his job and good friends he has enough to keep from being lonely But then he meets Lawson and he knows hes met someone special Theres more to catching butterflies Jack realises Sometimes the most elusive creatures wear bow ties and sometimes they cant be caught at all Lawson soon learns there are butterflies he cant learn about it in books They exist only in a touch in a kiss in a smile He just has to let go first so these butterflies can fly Imago is the story of finding love bow ties and butterflies

The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist

Author Syd Mead ISBN-10 1785651188 ISBN-13 9781785651182 Year 2017-09-05 Pages 256 Language English Publisher Titan Books Download Link Click Here Syd Mead is one of the most accomplished and widely respected artists and industrial designers alive today His career boasts an incredible array of projects from designing cars to drafting architectural renderings but he is most famous for his work as a concept artist on some of the most visually arresting films in the history of cinema Since working on Star Trek The Motion Picture in 1978 as a production illustrator Syd Mead has always aimed to render reality ahead of schedule creating evocative designs that marry believable content with a neofuturistic form It is this ability to predict technological potential that has helped Mead create such a distinctive and influential aesthetic From his work with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner to his striking designs for the light cycles in Tron to his imposing concept art for the U S S Sulaco in James Camerons Aliens Syd Mead has played a pivotal role in shaping cinemas vision of the future The Movie Art of Syd Mead Visual Futurist represents the most extensive collection of Meads visionary work ever printed compiling…

The Match of the Century (Marrying the Duke)

Author Cathy Maxwell ISBN-10 0062388614 ISBN-13 9780062388612 Year 2015-11-24 Pages 384 Language English Publisher Avon Download Link Click Here In New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell s glittering new series wedding bells are ringing until the return of a rake throws a bride s plans and heartinto a tailspinEvery debutante aspires to snag a duke Elin Morris just happens to have had one reserved since birth But postponements of her marriage to London s most powerful peer give Elin time to wonder how she will marry Gavin Baynton when she cannot forget his brother Benedict Already exasperated at being yanked from the military to meet family obligations now Ben must suffer watching his arrogant sibling squire the only woman he has ever loved Joining the army saved Ben from sinking into bitterness but seeing Elin again takes him back to the day they surrendered to their intoxicating desire As the wedding draws near Elin tries to push Ben far from her thoughts When danger brings them together there is no denying their feelings But can Elin choose love over duty

Bobby Deen’s Everyday Eats: 120 All-New Recipes, All Under 350 Calories, All Under 30 Minutes

Author Bobby Deen ISBN-10 0804177163 ISBN-13 9780804177160 Year 2014-02-11 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Ballantine Books Download Link Click Here Beloved food personality and 1 New York Times bestselling author Bobby Deen is back with 120 new simple mouthwatering recipesall under 350 caloriesthat can be prepared from start to finish in under 30 minutes Bobby Deens life has always revolved around foodespecially good Southern fare But he knows that with a busy lifestyle in and out of the kitchen finding the time to make delicious nourishing meals can be tough Just because your schedule is overstuffed doesnt mean your belly has to be Now in Bobby Deens Everyday Eats Bobby helps you get a tasty and good for you dinner on the table in no time flat with dozens of delectable recipes all under 350 calories and all prepared in less than 30 minutes Whether its salads and soups that make hearty suppers lip smacking dishes for midweek grilling meatless main courses for watching your waistline scrumptious sides for every season or reduced calorie sweet treats to cap off your meals Bobby Deens Everyday Eats includes such satisfying recipes as Light and Easy Scallops and Grits Deviled Egg Salad Lightened…

Alpha Flight by John Byrne Omnibus

Author John Byrne ISBN-10 1302904051 ISBN-13 9781302904050 Year 2017-02-14 Pages 1248 Language English Publisher Marvel Download Link Click Here Legendary writer artist John Byrne steers one of his greatest creations to glory Exploding from the pages of the X Men Canada s premier super team Alpha Flight takes the Marvel Universe by storm before starring in their own Byrne helmed series Guardian Shaman Snowbird Sasquatch Aurora Northstar Puck and Marrina fi ght to protect Canada from injustice and evil including the Master of the World maniacal alchemist Diablo and the terrifying Great Beasts But they ll face their darkest defeat at the hands of rival Omega Flight An Alphan will fall but can the team fight on COLLECTING X MEN 1963 109 120 121 139 140 INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL 8 MACHINE MAN 1978 18 MARVEL TWO IN ONE 1974 83 84 INCREDIBLE HULK 1968 272 313 ALPHA FLIGHT 1983 1 29 X MEN AND ALPHA FLIGHT 1985 1 2 X MEN ALPHA FLIGHT 1998 1 2 MATERIAL FROM MARVEL TEAM UP ANNUAL 7

SQL Pocket Guide

Author Jonathan Gennick ISBN-10 1449394094 ISBN-13 9781449394097 Year 2010-12-01 Pages 206 Language English Publisher O’Reilly Media Download Link Click Here If you re a programmer or database administrator who uses SQL in your day to day work this popular pocket guide is the ideal on the job reference You ll find many examples that address the language s complexity along with key aspects of SQL used in IBM DB2 Release 9 7 MySQL 5 1 Oracle Database 11g Release 2 PostgreSQL 9 0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2 SQL Pocket Guide describes how these database systems implement SQL syntax for querying managing transactions and making changes to data It also shows how the systems use SQL functions regular expression syntax and type conversion functions and formats All example SQL statements in this book execute against a set of tables with data that you can quickly download The third edition covers important database changes including Oracle s support of the recursive WITH syntax and addition of PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators Functions new to Oracle such as LISTAGG NTH VALUE and more PostgreSQLs support of recursive WITH and some window functions DB2 syntax and datatypes some compatible with Oracle MySQL…

Among the Thugs

Author Bill Buford ISBN-10 0679745351 ISBN-13 9780679745358 Year 1993-06-01 Pages 320 Language English Publisher Vintage Download Link Click Here They have names like Barmy Bernie Daft Donald and Steamin Sammy They like lager in huge quantities the Queen football clubs especially Manchester United and themselves Their dislike encompasses the rest of the known universe and England s soccer thugs express it in ways that range from mere vandalism to riots that terrorize entire cities Now Bill Buford editor of the prestigious journal Granta enters this alternate society and records both its savageries and its sinister allure with the social imagination of a George Orwell and the raw personal engagement of a Hunter Thompson

How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life (His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

Author Dalai Lama ISBN-10 0743453360 ISBN-13 9780743453363 Year 2003-08-19 Pages 240 Language English Publisher Atria Download Link Click Here As human beings we all share the desire for happiness and meaning in our lives According to His Holiness the Dalai Lama the ability to find true fulfillment lies within each of us In this very special book the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet Nobel Prize winner and bestselling author helps readers embark upon the path to enlightenment with a stunning illumination of the timeless wisdom and an easy access reference for daily practice Divided into a series of distinct steps that will lead spiritual seekers toward enlightenment How to Practice is a constant companion in the quest to practice morality meditation and wisdom This accessible book will guide you toward opening your heart refraining from doing harm and maintiaining mentaltranquility as the Dalai Lama shows you how to overcome everyday obstacles from feelings of anger and mistrust to jealousy insecurity and counterproductive thinking Imbued with His Holiness vivacious spirit and sense of playfulness How to Practice offers sage and practical insight into the human psyche and into the deepest aspirations that bind us all together

Role Development In Professional Nursing Practice

Author Kathleen Masters ISBN-10 1284078329 ISBN-13 9781284078329 Year 2015-12-02 Pages 454 Language English Publisher Jones & Bartlett Learning Download Link Click Here Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice Fourth Edition continues to leverage the Nurse of the Future competency model and maintains a focus on the socialization of the professional role The Fourth Edition also incorporates additional concepts and competencies that have become essential for BSN prepared nurses such as quality improvement safety patient centered care teamwork and collaboration evidence based practice and informatics Also included is information related to national patient safety goals and other national patient safety initiatives Key Features Critical Thinking Questions Nurse of the Future Boxes Case Studies Key Terms Glossary Learning Objectives Instructor Resources Lecture outlines in PowerPoint Format Test Bank

This Wheel’s on Fire: Levon Helm and the Story of the Band

Author Levon Helm ISBN-10 1613748760 ISBN-13 9781613748763 Year 2013-10-01 Pages 376 Language English Publisher Chicago Review Press Download Link Click Here The singer and drummer of the Band details in this book the history of one of the most influential groups of the 1960s While their music evoked a Southern mythology with their beautifully crafted image rich songs only their Arkansan drummer Levon Helm was the genuine article This updated edition of his life story includes a new epilogue that covers the last dozen years of his life From the cotton fields to Woodstock and from seeing Sonny Boy Williamson and Elvis Presley to playing for President Clinton This Wheel s on Fire replays the tumultuous life of Levon Helm in his own unforgettable folksy drawl The Band who backed Bob Dylan when he went electric in 1965 and then turned out a half dozen albums of beautifully crafted image rich songs is now regarded as one of the most influential rock groups of the 60s But while their music evoked a Southern mythology only their Arkansawyer drummer Levon Helm was the genuine article From the cotton fields to Woodstock from seeing Sonny Boy Williamson and Elvis Presley to playing…

Northanger Abbey (Penguin Classics)

Author Jane Austen ISBN-10 0141439793 ISBN-13 9780141439792 Year 2003-04-29 Pages 288 Language English Publisher Penguin Classics Download Link Click Here Austen s witty exploration of the perils of mistaking fiction for realityDuring an eventful season at Bath young nave Catherine Morland experiences the joys of fashionable society for the first time She is delighted with her new acquaintances flirtatious Isabella who shares Catherine s love of Gothic romance and horror and sophisticated Henry and Eleanor Tilney who invite her to their father s mysterious house Northanger Abbey There her imagination influenced by novels of sensation and intrigue Catherine imagines terrible crimes committed by General Tilney With its broad comedy and irrepressible heroine this is the most youthful and and optimistic of Jane Austen s works For more than seventy years Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With more than 1 700 titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to date translations by award winning translators

The Science of Hitting

Author Ted Williams ISBN-10 0671621033 ISBN-13 9780671621032 Year 1986-04-29 Pages 96 Language English Publisher Simon & Schuster Download Link Click Here Baseballs last 400 hitter share s his secrets in this primer still used at all levels of the game Paul Dickson author of Bill Veeck Baseballs Greatest Maverick Now fully revised with new illustrations and diagrams the classicand still the greatestbook on hitting from the last baseball player to break the magic 400 barrier Ted Williams Ted Williams was arguably the greatest pure hitter who ever lived A lifelong student of hitting he sought advice from every great hitterand pitcherhe met Drawing on that advice as well as his own legendary life in baseball Williams produced the all time batting classic The Science of Hitting Using its detailed illustrations anecdotes and concise coaching players of all skill levels will learn how to improve their fundamentals and gain keen insights into the finer points of hitting including How to Think Like a Pitcher and Guess the Pitch The Three Cardinal Rules for Developing a Smooth Line Driving Swing The Secrets of Hip and Wrist Action Pitch Selection Bunting Hitting the Opposite Way The Science of Hitting is a must read…

Uncle Sam Wants You: World War I and the Making of the Modern American Citizen

Author Christopher Capozzola ISBN-10 0199734798 ISBN-13 9780199734795 Year 2010-04-12 Pages 352 Language English Publisher Oxford University Press Download Link Click Here Based on a rich array of sources that capture the voices of both political leaders and ordinary Americans Uncle Sam Wants You offers a vivid and provocative new interpretation of American political history revealing how the tensions of mass mobilization during World War I led to a significant increase in power for the federal government Christopher Capozzola shows how when the war began Americans at first mobilized society by stressing duty obligation and responsibility over rights and freedoms But the heated temper of war quickly unleashed coercion on an unprecedented scale making wartime America the scene of some of the nation s most serious political violence including notorious episodes of outright mob violence To solve this problem Americans turned over increasing amounts of power to the federal government In the end whether they were some of the four million men drafted under the Selective Service Act or the tens of millions of home front volunteers Americans of the World War I era created a new American state and new ways of being American citizens

Old Scratch

Author Warren Driggs ISBN-10 0998779504 ISBN-13 9780998779508 Year 2017-04-05 Pages 384 Language English Publisher Paradise Rim Books Download Link Click Here The rich and powerful Senator Ken Lawson has just been reelected Handsome and charming his political agenda caters to his biggest donorsconservatives fighting bitterly against stubborn liberals who oppose free enterprise His wifes family has bankrolled his career and despite her tedium with him they have dreams of even greater political glory for Ken But those dreams are shattered when two bumbling criminals accidentally see him in bed with the beautiful wife of his largest donor on the afternoon she is murdered by a blow to the head with a shovel They devise a comically amateurish blackmail scheme against him Unfortunately it backfires Fearing for their lives they go to the police When Ken is arrested for Chelseas murder he reluctantly admits to his affair with her but denies hes the killer in spite of considerable evidence against him Lawsons murder trial has one shocking revelation after another and justice is ultimately served in unsuspecting ways The tale is narrated by the devil Old Scratch himself who observes the colorful cast of characters with utter bemusement He is happily…

Fodor’s Chile: with Easter Island & Patagonia (Travel Guide)

Author Fodor’s Travel Guides ISBN-10 1101878177 ISBN-13 9781101878170 Year 2015-06-09 Pages 448 Language English Publisher Fodor’s Download Link Click Here Written by locals Fodor s travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years Squeezed between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean Chile offers something for everyone Whether travelers are interested in first rate vineyards glittery beach resorts desert adventures sprawling glaciers or the urban pleasures and inventive cuisine of Santiago Fodor s Chilehelps them craft the perfect itinerary for this diverse country This travel guide includes Dozens of mapsAn 8 page color insert with a brief introduction and spectacular photos that capture the top experiences and attractions throughout Chile Hundreds of hotel and restaurant recommendations with Fodor s Choice designating our top picks Multiple itineraries to explore the top attractions and whats off the beaten path Coverage ofSantiago The Central Coast El Norte Chico El Norte Grande The Central Valley The Lake District Chiloe The Southern Coast Southern Chilean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego and Easter Island

Secret Brother (Dollanganger)

Author V.C. Andrews ISBN-10 1476792356 ISBN-13 9781476792354 Year 2015-05-26 Pages 400 Language English Publisher Pocket Books Download Link Click Here The most unexpected Dollanganger story of them all new from the author of Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Windboth now major Lifetime movie events A young boy suffers amnesia from a trauma he suffered in what feels like must have been another life Hes adopted into a wealthy familybut what will happen when he learns the truth about his past

Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Lord John Grey)

Author Diana Gabaldon ISBN-10 0385342519 ISBN-13 9780385342513 Year 2008-11-25 Pages 336 Language English Publisher Delta Download Link Click Here Diana Gabaldon 1 New York Times bestselling author of the celebrated Outlander series delivers three mesmerizing tales of war intrigue and espionage that feature one of her most popular characters Lord John Grey In Lord John and the Hellfire Club Lord John glimpses a stranger in the doorway of a gentlemans cluband is stirred by a desperate entreaty to meet with him in private It is an impulse that will lead Lord John into a maze of political treachery and a dangerous debauched underground society In Lord John and the Succubus English soldiers fighting in Prussia are rattled by a lethal creature that appears at night Called to investigate Lord John soon realizes that among the spirits that haunt men none frighten more than the specters conjured by the heart In Lord John and the Haunted Soldier Lord John is thrust into the baffling case of an exploding battlefield cannon that ultimately forces him to confront his own ghostsand the shattering prospect that a traitor is among the ranks of His Majestys armed forces